Janet & Hugh

Thank you so much for resolving our desktop computer problem so quickly and efficiently… the machine seems to be lightning fast now, much better than it was originally !

Mark (Web Developer)

After we handled an email and website migration (May 2016) from an unhelpful service provider in the UK, to separate hosting for the website and Office 365 for the email, the web developer engaged to produce the website sent this message: James, great job. That was the smoothest transition I’ve seen. You explain it so well for the client. Any jobs that we do needing email or website migration I will send your way. Thank you.


More recently, a long time client volunteered this testimony after a visit to resolve an issue: Thank you, for your patience and understanding when it comes to helping people with technology and it’s problems. I clearly have only a tiny bit of ability when it comes to using technology effectively. You are very helpful for anything, and when it comes to a service you assist your clients with advice, even if it doesn’t amount to money in your pocket. So once again, thankyou, for your professional service with D-stress Computers.


We were contacted by an very IT-savvy business owner who had run out of time to manage the growing business systems – this was his response after engaging our services: The first five years of business was harrowing with respect to IT consultants; little or nil formal education, self taught, professed expertise…………….huge cost, huge time resources wasted. I lost faith and trust in the IT consultant field. After being forced to learn to maintain our own internal systems to save time and money 10 years passed without too much problem. Now being time poor who could I entrust with our systems. After a few meetings I could trust James. I…


We received this email from Loretta after addressing an urgent request for help with a website: I was so very pleased to be able to inform my mother that you had been able to restore the … website. Given the unfortunate circumstances we are so grateful for the priority you gave to our requirements, and appreciate your expertise in this field, as well as your being able to communicate directly with [our provider] as required. With kind regards – and our heartfelt thanks to you,


A young woman rang asking for help with data retrieval. On detailed questioning about the messages on the computer it became clear that a social engineering virus was infecting the computer and this diagnosis was given, to the relief of the caller, who advised they would call back to book in the visit. We later received this email: I spoke to one of the technicians today about a technical problem with my computer saying that my hard drive had a critical error. The fella informed me that it was only a virus and would not eat all my files. So I performed a virus scan and its all fixed. I would just like…


Deb, who had been referred by a client we had not seen for over a year, emailed us the day after our first visit: Good morning James, Just wanted to say Thankyou again for your great work, life is a whole lot easier with your skilled changes and updates. In addition, the way they described the referral was: I was bemoaning to [a colleague] that I could not get anyone to come to see us promptly, and she said “I’ll call you back” and hung up. Shortly afterwards, she rang back, gave me your number and said “Call him – however long you have to wait, it will be worth…


Recently a corporate client emailed us: James, you are certainly living up to your business name – your involvement is certainly causing me to destress…


One customer sent the following email, as a reply to receiving their invoice: James, you are a Legend, I have my Computer back to a normal working system now and it is working fantastically thanks to you; from the moment you walked into my house I was impressed with you politeness and calmness. Your service, timeliness, and expert knowledge kept me calm as I watched you do your work with ease – if only I could fix things that easily. You did an expert job on a short notice phone call and that was greatly appreciated – I will be keeping your card and giving them to people I know…


Another client posted this on their website: D-Stress Computers, a locally owned, family business, that in my opinion rocks!! See this amazing website? It was designed totally by them! If you’re wanting to give your business a boost and update the old website to something amazing and new then D-Stress is the way to go! And to sound corny, just because I can, it really is a stress free thing. Simple but excellent.