Article: Offsite Backup

Regardless of your backup system, it should be tested often to confirm your it’s doing what you expect. Any system should also automatically report to key staff and your IT service provider. We currently monitor backups for most of our major clients, with instant notification if something goes wrong.

We offer a secure online system saving your staff from swapping hard drives or tapes, removing the human element from your critical backups. D-stress Computers has offered this tried and tested facility to satisfied clients since mid-2013.

Our software can automatically backup your server, to be restored to replacement hardware when necessary. Our technology can also retain historical backups of each specific file, similar to the Time Machine on Apple systems. Unlike many online backups, our facility includes unlimited versioning (at no extra cost) giving you access anywhere, securely encrypted both in transit an in-situ with your service provider.

The benefit of a service like this is that recovery can happen to any location you specify at any time. We can (for example) recover to an off-site location routinely, easily creating point in time, in-house backups.

Picture of VAULT door, symbolic of measures enabled by using the backup protections of D-stress VaultD-stress Vault – our backup alternative

Our online Vault system works easily and effectively by deploying software to your key computers. All your data will be securely encrypted and stored at a remote location.

To prepare for ‘oops moments’, weather events, fire or theft, a full backup of your server(s) allows for complete restoration. It can also configured to backup a subset of your files, as you require.