Article: Expert Consultants

  1. What is Consulting?
  2. What do you call Consulting?
  3. What makes you DIFFERENT?

What is Consulting?

Consulting: everyone knows what consulting is. Well, everyone knows what consulting should be:

  1. Consultation between client and consultant,
  2. Application of the consultants expertise,
  3. Provision of an integrated solution.

Unfortunately (unless you are lucky, or cash-heavy) you may not have been treated very well by consultants – in any field. This single fact is one of the prime reasons we went into business in this field.  We believe that expertise outside the operational function of the business – a consultant – should be seen as helpful and ultimately indispensable to the growth of any business.

To put it simply, a mechanic is the only person that should fix your car; a plumber is the only person you’d want fitting a new shower, and D-stress Computers are the ones to rely on for your IT needs.

What do you call Consulting?

As we iterated before, consulting should comprise 3 overall stages:

  1. Consultation between client and consultant
    the consultant should spend most of this time listening to the client answer the consultant’s carefully prepared questions about the problem
  2. Application of the consultants expertise
    the client should feel happy at all times that they know how much they are to be charged, and what they will get for their money
  3. Provision of an integrated solution
    this should be a complete package, whatever is required to ensure the customer is completely happy with the end result – including detailed communication throughout each step of the process.

What makes you DIFFERENT?

We aim to support and strengthen our client’s businesses – we feel that the most efficient way to grow our business, is to grow your business. We put a high priority on ensuring our customer feels heard and feels well informed. We want you, as our client, to be able to answer the question “What are they doing: is it worth it?”