Article: Technical Support

  1. What is not technical support?
  2. Why do you need Technical Support?
  3. What is technical support?
  4. How can we Help you?
  5. What else can we do for you?

What is not technical support?

Technical support can seem to be the assistance you might receive from a friend or colleague: this support apppears invaluable, until your friend’s skill meets its limit. At this point, the help can become the problem as your computer can be worse off than before – please contact us before things get to this stage.

Why do you need Technical Support?

To put it simply, technical support is advice providing solutions to the everyday problems which cause your computing experience to become stressful.

What is technical support?

The short answer would be a metaphor: a technician is like a doctor for your computer. A skilled technician can diagnose problems, sometimes without seeing the “patient” and prescribe a solution easily; other times the technician must see the patient, and occasionally might need to perform surgery to replace a defective part. However, sometimes the solution can be as simple as “take two gigabytes and call me in the morning…

How can we Help you?

We encourage you to get in touch when you first have a problem with your computer or peripheral (printer, scanner, mouse, monitor, etc.) – invariably early diagnosis of the problem can ensure a quick and safe transition to a fully-working computer.

What else can we do for you?

Other aspects of this part of our business can involve giving you a proposal to “up-grade”, or enhance, your computer’s capabilities. We would investigate the benefits of adding newer components, replacing old software with newer packages or optimising the current software and hardware to better work together, to extend the life of your current investment. Read up on what others have said about the work we do, or leave us a review on Facebook or on Google.