Who are you?

D-stress Computers is an I.T. Full Service provider to the Townsville and North Queensland region. We consistently provide the best service and advice, giving clients the most appropriate, comfortable and efficient computing experience possible.

…for stress-free computing:

Our customers often comment to the effect that “you are living up to your name” or “I like your brand” – we really know that we make a difference.

I established the business as a challenge to the industry – I found that in 2003 in Melbourne a proportion of IT businesses were deliberately confusing their customers with jargon and not providing actual support.

I wanted to create an environment where, for my customers, their computers just work – they do their job and provide a tool for efficiency, as opposed to being a source of frustration and stress.

D-stress Computers will service your business from office infrastructure set-up and design, through technical support and tuition, to website or intranet development with personal service. Our goal is a finished product that properly reflects the culture of your business.

Our lead technician is north Queensland’s premier Network Engineer, who has retained the ability to speak in plain English with human beings.

We also specialise in forensic data recovery; please don’t call anyone else – just let us know and we will prioritise your data retrieval job.

…for immediate assistance, text "HELP" to 0416267981