Help with your computer

If our help has d-stressed you, we’d love to hear from you about your experience. Please: email us, or take the time to leave us a review on Facebook or on Google.

Q: What have your customers said about your help?

A: We received this email after addressing an urgent request for help with a website:

I was so very pleased to be able to inform my mother that you had been able to restore the … website. Given the unfortunate circumstances we are so grateful for the priority you gave to our requirements, and appreciate your expertise in this field, as well as your being able to communicate directly with [our provider] as required.

With kind regards – and our heartfelt thanks to you,

A young woman rang asking for help with data retrieval. On detailed questioning about the messages on the computer it became clear that a social engineering virus was infecting the computer and this diagnosis was given, to the relief of the caller, who advised they would call back to book in the visit. We later received this email:

Hi, I spoke to one of the technicians today about a technical problem with my computer saying that my hard drive had a critical error. The fella informed me that it was only a virus and would not eat all my files. So i performed a virus scan and its all fixed. I would just like to thank him very much for all his help. I was [terribly] worried as i have uni exams coming up and did not know what to do. I am certain that i will go to d-stress computers in future if i have issues with my computer, and will [definitely] recommend you. Thank you very much.

A new client, who had been referred by a client we had not seen for over a year, emailed us the day after our first visit:

Good morning James, Just wanted to say Thankyou again for your great work, life is a whole lot easier with your skilled changes and updates.

In addition, the way they described the referral was:

I was bemoaning to [a colleague] that I could not get anyone to come to see us promptly, and she said “I’ll call you back” and hung up. Shortly afterwards, she rang back, gave me your number and said “Call him – however long you have to wait, it will be worth it.”

Recently a corporate client emailed us:

James, you are certainly living up to your business name – your involvement is certainly causing me to destress…

One customer sent the following email:

James, you are a Legend,
I have my Computer back to a normal working system now and it is working fantastically thanks to you; from the moment you walked into my house I was impressed with you politeness and calmness.
Your service, timeliness, and expert knowledge kept me calm as I watched you do your work with ease – if only I could fix things that easily.
You did an expert job on a short notice phone call and that was greatly appreciated – I will be keeping your card and giving them to people I know who have problems with their Computers.
Once again thank you.

Another client posted this on their website:

D-Stress Computers, a locally owned, family business, that in my opinion rocks!! See this amazing website? It was designed totally by them!
If you’re wanting to give your business a boost and update the old website to something amazing and new then D-Stress is the way to go!
And to sound corny, just because I can, it really is a stress free thing. Simple but excellent.

Q: Why the name D-stress Computers ?

A: The name derived after discussion on what people want from customer service: a major reason for paying for something, instead of trying to do it yourself, can be traced back to avoiding stress. A major reason we went into business was to help people use their computer without stress, so de-stress became d-stress Computers.

Q: How long have you been helping with computers?

A: There are photos of me standing, looking in awe at my father’s first computer at the age of eight, but I dismembered and re-constructed my first computer at about the age of 17. This was the first machine I owned personally, a second-hand 386 PC. Not long after that I bought my first 9.6K modem and discovered the Internet – my first web page comprised animated images, flashing text – I’m embarrassed to say it may still be out there…

Q: Tell me about the man behind the business?

A: James Helm [LinkedIn] has worked in the IT industry since 1998, establishing D-stress Computers in 2003. In that time he has aided people in their home and office in achieving what they need from their computers, and more generally with IT infrastructure.

He can help businesses establish from little or no hardware, and can make your existing systems more efficient for your staff while also offering the benefit of training.

James works with clients to determine that systems are custom-built to achieve short and long-term goals of the business. No job is too large or small; from one-on-one help with a single computer, to networking of computers in the home, small business or across the globe.

James helps business in the IT trifecta; technical support (troubleshooting for PC and Mac computers, networks, Internet and email), consulting (including new equipment and training) and offsite backup. His high levels of skill in all these fields mean that clients do not need to enlist the help of many IT specialists. James can service a business from office infrastructure purchases, set-up and support to automated backup technologies with personal service and the achievement of a finished product that properly reflects the importance of your business.